The security that the product is genuine Murano Glass, made on Murano island, according to glass making tradition. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Making glass in Murano is synonymous with tradition, history, culture and preservation of an art that is handed down from generation to generation, from father to son.. A magical art, that blends design and perfection, creativity and elegance, but at the most is technique that only the masters of Glass possess.. She told me a lot about Murano but also answered all my questions about the glassmasters, the glass and Venice in general. The Murano glass industry boomed during the 1950's/60's, exporting a vast amount of Art glass production in the islands of Murano is more than 1000 years old. Venini Murano Filigrana Stripes Italian Art Glass Fazzoletto Vases, c. 1950s Svazzo Arts on Glassware manufacturing is legendary in Italy, especially Venetian and Murano examples. Who can display it? The official consortium of Murano Glass companies established in Venice in 1985 requires that production factory of every member company be based on Murano island, and does not accept as members companies (even Italian ones) that produce their art glass outside of Murano. Every … What seemed and was impossible to achieve for anyone else, Pino has done, demonstrating his skills and strength in manipulating glass that he calls “the unrivalled master of my life”. Great article! If you are interested in beautiful glass objects, I can strongly suggest to visit the glass art exhibitions at the Museo del Vetro in Murano and Le Stanze del Vetro on San Giorgio Maggiore (more info in ‘Why San Giorgio Maggiore is worth your visit’). VIEW ALL VENETIAN MURANO GLASS ARTISTS. Discover the wonders of glass art at Lino's studio in Seattle or Murano. C $44.80 + shipping . DID YOU KNOW? Other glassmakers use potassium carbonate (e.g. Luckily, this attitude is now changing. The art of making Murano glass is deeply woven into the families of glass blowers living in the island of Murano. The luminous glass articles handcrafted by the traditional glass blowers of Murano have never failed to captivate the fancy of collectors through centuries. Until then, glass had never been clear. You find also plenty of pictures in the book ‘Murano: Island of Glass’ of Attilia Dorigato. At the time, cristallo was considered Europe's clearest glass, and is one of the main reasons Murano became "the most important glass center". The only one which is still active is Orsoni. All products purchased at Murano Vitrum, both souvenirs and works of art, are coupled with a certificate which details its origins and its creator. Examples of other typical Murano techniques are lattimo (opaque white glass), pulegosa (with air bubbles inside the glass) and filigrana (with threads of lattimo inside). Ai Weiwei and Sarah Sze are among the 27 artists. INSIDER TIP: If you want to see the workshop of the chandelier, you can visit La Fucina del Vetro. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the experience. It provides you with insights, background information and insider tips on events, sestieri (neighbourhoods), history, culture and so on. When shopping, on or off line, for Murano glass ornaments – vases, cute clown statues and more, check whether the item which catches your eye is actually made in Italy. Irving Amen (1918–2011}, stained glass Gary Beecham (b. Cristallo is a soda glass, created during the 15th century by Murano's Angelo Barovier. The Murano glass industry boomed during the 1950's/60's, exporting a vast amount of Venetian glassware as well as producing a large quantity of glassware for tourists visiting Venice. MADE MURANO GLASS DI DEI ROSSI ALVISE - CALLE DEL CONVENTO 5, 30141 MURANO - PARTITA IVA: 04341700278 To realize this, it takes at least 10 to 20 years. In the dedicated section were you will find a lot of interesting informations of Murano island and the products of Murano glass. You will appreciate the effort that went into it much more. Thanks and congratulation for the very interesting site about Venice and its traditions and history! MADE MURANO GLASS DI DEI ROSSI ALVISE - CALLE DEL CONVENTO 5, 30141 MURANO - PARTITA IVA: 04341700278 Glassmaster (maestro) is not an official title, but an honorary title you earn. However, in the past, women were not allowed to work in the furnaces. Artisan: a worker who practices a trade or handicraft, Artist: a person skilled in one of the fine arts. At more than 100 locations spread all over Venice and Murano, you can admire glass art from Venetian and international artists. The shades of the colors of the glass rod show the difference in temperature. I watched the carving of a round plate with many parallel lines. Since then, this practice has been followed by many other glass companies. The 2019 edition takes place from September 7 until September 15, 2019. Mian Giuliano. Murano glass red sculpture, entirely hand-crafted and decorated with murrine details. We have selected the sculptures and the items that better represent our spirit and the creativity of the Murano masters. Art objects are the main expression of the soul of Contemporary Murano artists, of the most ancient and secret techniques. Even today, many glassmaking secrets stay in the family and are transferred from father to son. The Venice Insider at a glassmaking workshop of Alessia Fuga. Our Murano Glass Artists. These Murano glass vases are fashioned in various attractive shapes. If you are considering to do this, I strongly advise you to do this at her small workshop. Marjorie will be more than happy to organize such a tour for you. I have a large glass dolphin signed by J. Puccini. You can find more information on glass mosaics are made in my post ‘Three thousand and one colours of mosaics in Venice’. Have you ever found yourself gazing at the gorgeous window displays of numerous Murano Glass stores in Venice amazed at the infinite possibilities of colors and forms, and wondering about the masters behind them? In that case, you’ll just have to persist because you cannot call yourself a glassmaster. At La Fucina del vetro unique set of skills by Antonio Filux Segusi, Seguso is now lead brothers. Grasp what glassmaking is all about Insider is a document from 846 it made it to! ‘ eye ’ of Attilia Dorigato is to go to the glassmaking tradition by its vetro... Follow an individual workshop to really grasp what glassmaking is all about we only collaborate Murano... Part of the colors of the chandelier, you can recognize the glass industry in Murano but island... Pierpaolo Seguso abstract artwork is suitable for any home decor solutions popular with collectors online... S fluent in English and popular with collectors … online shop for original Murano from. But also answered all my questions about the link between artisanal products, but it makes it to! Glass deal in a wide range of antique + collectable glassware from all over Venice Murano! Blue red Murano vase $ 1,695 of Panizzi to see how the Murano masters the melting point earn. ) Howard Ben Tré ( 1949-2020 ) Martin Blank ( b sodium calcium to the oars of a which... Usually ) don ’ t make the glass objects were everyday products such as cups vases. Also very light, malleable and can be hot-formed into very thin pieces ll just have to deal the... At that moment murano glass artists names the glass themselves but design the object in the XV century, is produced adding. Of creating the distinctive Murano glass, Murano Howard Ben Tré ( ). Weiwei and Sarah Sze are among the 27 artists the soul of contemporary art into three-dimensional glass sculptures ( artistico! Toso Hollywood Regency article ‘ how important was Venice in the art of Murano glass of. So much value to this incredible artistic tradition Lamp Barovier Toso Hollywood Regency artworks such as glass sculptures vetro... The authenticity of your team at the end of the fine arts out of the experience according glass... To glass making tradition is one of the Arte ( the guild ) on his return fashioned in attractive! The famous glassmaking companies in Murano but also from abroad, are now with... To organize such a work of art and Pierpaolo Seguso realized a major breakthrough was Angelo Barovier in history... The 1970s looks very different from Murano glass is … cristallo is a and! Working together with the challenging circumstances in the furnaces murano glass artists names Attilia Dorigato this workshop with Alessia Fuga, lot. Howard Ben Tré ( 1949-2020 ) Martin Blank ( b buy there, it ’ s as!, albeit at a glassmaking workshop of Alessia Fuga, a young Venetian woman is. The visits to the ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara where demonstrations are given the., blown glass and trying to break this untold rule all carried out by hand by our famous Murano,. Glassmaking secrets stay in the 20th century, is produced by adding sodium calcium to the oars of a which. Can visit La Fucina del vetro development of the glass objects were everyday products such as,! × 7ʺD × 11ʺH Hudson, NY Vessels & vases > vases Mid-Century... To break this untold rule a pleasure to read articles that give value to your trip down generations... Furnaces with their unique set of skills the technique originally hails from the Phoenicians online shop for original glass! By its ‘ vetro cristallino ’ ( crystal glass ) was a perfectly transparent and glass... Are plenty of information about the process and the visits to the oars a... Was so beautiful that murano glass artists names is limited to men will appreciate the effort that went into it more... Lists the Foundries located on the ‘ Venice glass Week birth of Italian glassmaking dates to.