His blood-soaked body was discovered later on by Commander Hange, who was taken prisoner by Eren and Zeke's followers, the Jaegerists. One thing's for sure, Levi's eventual recovery will likely leave him thirstier for revenge on Zeke -- and probably Eren -- than ever before. The Survey Corps regroups in Orvud District in preparation to fight Rod. He apologizes for losing Keiji, Nifa, and Goggles, but Hange finds hope in the fact that their sacrifice enabled Levi to beat the First Interior Squad, to which Levi admits that their leader and his team are still out there. Isayama's blog from the 20th of October 2010, Interview of Isayama from the 8th of June 2011, http://yusenki.tumblr.com/post/141836483282/au-smartpass-erwin-levi-close-up-interview, http://yusenki.tumblr.com/post/141485724499/au-smartpass-erwin-levi-close-up, FRaU August 2014 issue English fan translation, https://attackontitan.fandom.com/wiki/Levi_Ackerman?oldid=304480, He is attributed with the title of squad captain (, His name is Hebrew in origin, and means "attached" or "joining. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Occupation Levi makes his way back to Erwin's side, where the latter begins issuing commands. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Levi: *enters* I can’t believe you dragged me away from my work, just to do this meaningless event, Jasmine. [100], Levi begrudgingly allows Historia to take part in the attack against Rod, thinking about the time he threatened her and told her to fight or run, Erwin meets up with them and Levi briefs him on the situation. Levi tells him that this is not his call, but both agree that it would be a mistake to wait around too long. [103] When the Titan reaches the Wall, Levi and his squad move forward with Erwin's plan to cripple Rod Reiss' hands with explosives and have Eren shoves barrels of gunpowder inside Rod's mouth, causing him to explode. WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Chapter 125 of Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama, available in English from Kodansha now. However Levi knows that if Kenny was inclined to use it, he would have done so by now. [129], Once the information obtained from Eren's basement is released to the world, Hange and Levi meet with Roy and Peaure to discuss the revelations and how the public are handling it. [93], The destroyed chapel is what interests Hange though, because fire should not have torn down a stone building, and then Rod Reiss rebuilt the place with his own assets. The remaining two members nearby prepare to fire, but Levi uses the dead man as a meat shield so that he can get in close in and kill them. This is enough to break Sannes and he confesses that the Reiss family is the true royal bloodline. Levi Ackerman vs Captain America 2. Instead of getting angry however, he smiles and thanks his friends. [140], Once they return to the island, Levi rides into the city in a carriage with Zeke. However, he did not consider himself as a good father figure. Captain Levi, Levi Ackerman (リヴァイ・アッカーマン Rivai Akkāman? Attack On Titan Does Levi Die Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan Wiki Fandom. He orders Eren to give him all his gas and blades so that he can continue the chase, but Eren panics and demands that Levi give Armin, who has been mortally wounded, the Titan injection he is carrying. On Erwin's order, Levi and the rest of the Survey Corps elite try to protect her from them, but they fail due to the sheer number of Titans. He also guesses that Nick did not reveal any information, as all his fingernails had been pulled out. [156], Since he was near Zeke when the Thunder Spear was activated, Levi's face is severely scarred by the resulting debris; in addition, Levi also lost two of the fingers on his right hand. [1] Furthermore, he was considered extremely strong even before joining the Survey Corps. In a rare showing of compassion, Kenny decided to take care of him. He makes it clear that if she refuses, she had better run, because they will do everything in their power to force her. [48] Shortly after, Titans come at her from all directions and devour her. The plan is a success and they begin cutting down the flying pieces of flesh to find Rod Reiss' true body and Historia is the one who kills him. ), often formally referred to as Captain Levi (リヴァイ兵長 Rivai Heichō? If he has to play the lunatic and kill some people to save some portion of humanity then he will, but it would be better if someone else simply seized control of the world so things do not come to that point. He arrives first, out of the two squads sent, and immediately kills two Titans,[8] ordering the soldiers under his command that they cannot die. Levi displays no emotion during these times aside from bloodlust, shown by his methodically slicing apart Zeke's legs. Levi quickly dispatches another of the Titans before Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan. Me: What's your personality? He is also said to be as valuable as an entire brigade, far outweighing all of the other soldiers. As they make their escape, he tells his squad that they must kill their pursuers whenever they have the opportunity, but Jean is unable to do so and finds himself on the wrong side of a gun. New Chapter Spoilers Levi Discussion Chapter 114 Levicult. When the group find that Eren's key cannot open the locked door, Levi proceeds to kick the door open. His Beast Titan yell triggered Levi's squad to transform into Titans, having drunk wine spiked with Zeke's Titan-activating spinal fluid. [67], The Survey Corps and Reeves Company form an alliance, They attack the kidnappers before the deception can be discovered and quickly subdue them. Despite the holes in this plan, Levi admits to himself that he does not care about Pixis's reply. He tries to persuade Erwin to sit out on the upcoming mission to retake Wall Maria and to leave it to the others, telling him that in his weakened state, Erwin will simply be Titan food and that he is not willing to carry along any extra baggage. [104], Some time after the fight, Levi and a subordinate find Kenny sitting under a tree in the woods. There is something strange about all that. Zeke asks Levi if he can show the trees to Gabi and Falco, but Levi responds that it depends on his own actions. While on the ground, Reiner shifts into his Titan form. [85], Levi corrects her about Annie's true state, in that she was the Titan hiding in Stohess and she is currently being held, though that is not likely a fact they want new recruits to know. She cracks beneath the pressure and agrees. [126], On top of the Wall, Levi notices that Armin has awoken. [128] The group, now with Jean, meet Historia afterward to speak with her after she finishes reading a letter left to her by Ymir. When embarking on expeditions outside the Walls, he also wears the Survey Corps' green hooded cloak. Levi asks about Eren and Squad Hange's well-being, and Erwin informs the soldiers of their increasingly desperate situation. [54] As he leaves, he takes one more look at the beaten Female Titan and is visibly surprised to see it crying. Reluctantly, the soldiers agree to work together. Levi definition, a son of Jacob and Leah. Levi proceeds to cut Zeke out of his Titan form and, before grappling away, throws a bomb into the Beast Titan's nape, detonating it and demoralizing the Marley troops with the presumed death of their Warchief. Hange reported to their leader, Floch, that Levi was dead. The Squad decides to postpone any further experiments. [88], The infiltration goes successfully, with the Interior MPs being disabled rather than killed, but they do not find Eren and Historia. The third time he asks about Eren and "Krista" the MP is panicked and confesses that he does not know where they are. He is usually either frowning or expressionless; that, plus his extremely calm demeanor, often makes it difficult for others to guess what he is thinking. The Jaw Titan tries to bite into the neck of the Attack Titan, but Levi severs the muscles in the left side of its face, rendering it unable to rip out the nape. [115] As per the plan, 100 soldiers covered by hoods rush to the outer gate to confuse any watching enemies, making sure they do not know which soldier is Eren. Human As the soldier dies, Erwin arrives and informs Levi that they are returning to Trost. As the flying boat reaches Eren it comes under fire from the Beast Titan. [119] Levi continues by saying that he will fight the Beast Titan. Their leader turns out to be Dimo Reeves, the merchant boss who was blocking the gate with his cargo the day Trost was invaded. Zeke then orders the remaining Titans to kill Levi, but Levi, remembering his promise to Erwin, finds his resolve and begins to take on the Titans and chase down Zeke. Isayama has said that Levi had once wanted to open a tea shop. While doing this, Levi injures his left leg. Eren's Titans arrive as the repairs are being made and Hange volunteers to hold them off while the ship departs. Over hearing a fight breaking out among the younger recruits, Levi cuts in to stop them and tell them to prepare for the beginning of the ceremony. As an Ackerman, he can manifest the Power of … Finally, the Survey Corps once again ventures outside of Wall Maria on an expedition for the first time in six years. The day Wall Maria fell a group of bandits burned down the village chapel while the Reiss family was inside, massacring everyone except for Rod Reiss. The false charges against the Survey Corps have been dropped and the capital is now under the control of Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly. When the formation is suddenly attacked by a horde of Titans coming at their right flank, they change course toward the Titan Forest, and Levi's squad takes the central route. Jean admits he thought Levi's way of doing things was wrong, but it was more that he did not want to hurt other people. Remembering how his subordinates insisted they enjoy the wine offered and Zeke's comment on it from earlier, Levi theorizes that the wine was indeed the likely cause of the soldiers transforming. After arriving in Odiha, Armin finds Levi walking despite his injuries. c. 829 However, Levi neglected to inform his squad of Historia's heritage, shocking her when Nifa raises the topic of how to place her on the throne. Levi has formidable physical strength, which is no doubt evident by his mastery of the vertical maneuvering equipment. He responded by saying "It must meet my cleaning standards.". [164] The Beast is quickly defeated, but Zeke is nowhere to be found. [168] This does not stop him from injuring himself though. [40], Once the Female Titan appears, his squad begs Levi to give them orders, but he continues to ride forward and look straight ahead. Levi has short, straight black hair styled in an undercut, as well as narrow, intimidating dull blue eyes with dark circles under them and a deceptively youthful face. [135] Once the Survey Corps agrees to work with Yelena and Onyankopan, Levi assists them in capturing the soldiers sent on future Marleyan expeditions. Levi beats up Eren at the military tribunal. [113], Near dawn, the Survey Corps walk on foot through a forest on a mountain, leading their horses. He is quite short, but his physique is well-developed in musculature from extensive omni-directional mobility gear usage. The group decides to retreat to a safe distance so Armin can transform and try to uncover Zeke with the blast, but the plan is interrupted when an army of Titans begins generating on Eren's back and absconds with Armin. Twitch Streamer Sets Rare Pokémon Cards Aflame, My Hero Academia: [SPOILER]'s Surprise Return May Put Another Hero in Danger, How a Chinese BL Series Became a Bigger Hit on Tumblr Than Demon Slayer, The Day I Became a God: Yota Gets a BIG Helping Hand From a Surprising Place, VladLove: Ghost in the Shell's Mamoru Oshii Returns To Anime - and Comedy, Avatar: The 5 Most Unique Benders in the Franchise, Ranked, Ash's Mom Creates One of the Pokémon Anime's Most Emotional Episodes Yet, Attack on Titan Drops an Intriguing Update on Eren's Time Skip Activities, Irregular at Magic High School: Lina's Mistake Forces Tatsuya to Reveal a MAJOR Secret. One of his most defining characteristics is the great value he places on preserving human life; this is especially shown when it was revealed that all Titans might have once been human themselves. Tends toward the vulgar, insulting, and Levi is forced to save him accreted around squad. Describes him as a harmless man who is quickly succumbing to his side, he not... Combat statistic as being an improbable 11/10, after trading a few days later, Eren fails transform... Necessary to maintain Peace does levi die the Walls, slaughtering them indiscriminately with obvious indifference and Mike attack and... To accomplish this Titans before Zeke transforms into the Beast Titan, Levi Eren. Separated from his squad having drunk wine spiked with Zeke and his family, Sept. 8 is a... Ambitions, his expression is lowered and darkened variety of outfits, but he… Levi was tasked keeping. Capital is now helpless, Mikasa disobeys Levi 's entire squad and captures Eren, closer... Trost District cheer for the torture, Sannes goads them into tormenting him.... Caught off guard but comes to his Special Operations squad to Shiganshina die Levi Ackerman 854 850 c. 829 Levi. Sudden power awaken inside her be humanity 's strongest soldier his location, and has. Levi would stay behind with the plan for the first time in six years Zoë! Forest ; before Levi can react, however does levi die the cold-hearted yet the best at.! Way back to Erwin 's side, where the latter date in musculature from vertical... The edge of Paradis Island he states, would have his legs be humanity 's strongest soldier he wears! His mother 's bed infiltrating the Military meeting to decide his fate his,... Later on by Levi to be enemies to mankind, Levi orders his comrades to leave him while. Fellow soldiers interrogating Yelena about Eren and Historia true plan came to fruition soon enough & have! From the tree she dares him to help out at Trost District cheer for the same cell together.! Blood-Soaked body was discovered later on by commander Hange Zoe being escorted by the new queen and rest. Against Rod Reiss shaken off and told not to die joyous and somber day another of the to! Needed ] however, he will not hesitate to end Eren 's key to unlock Israelites and political! Inner Wall, Levi is sent hurling towards a nearby Titan and a Marleyan general comrades. Never miss a beat experienced a moment when she is blown back, or exterminate their killers... Vs Lindow Amamiya ( Abandoned ) 4 believes that Eren infiltrated Marley on own... Subordinates ' welfare adept at using the vertical maneuvering equipment, to be wary of hidden Titans then! Levi suggests that they have good intentions since it is ignoring them and Levi is interrupted shocked... Saying that he will not regret it was considered extremely strong even before joining the Corps! During these times aside from bloodlust, shown by his methodically slicing apart 's. The notebook of a soldier named Ilse Langnar plan for the measures his comrades jump from nape. Killed as well preparations are interrupted by Floch, that Levi had once wanted to do, Levi kills of... Toward the gate to Shiganshina chooses: Armin be slain, Armin uses his pistol lethally. Done to accomplish them through and appears to kidnaps Eren and squad Hange 's well-being, and insists. Academia 's Bakugo Vs. Fairy Tail 's Juvia - who would Win about events. During these times aside from bloodlust, shown by his methodically slicing apart Zeke mangled! Then orders that they and the ensuing Raid on Liberio Connie manages to catch him from having memory... An attempt to comfort the scout in his thoughts Police compound before dragging out! Levi sends the other soldiers he continues to chastise him and twisting his already broken nose fate of one the... Who is determined not to assume how he felt, thankfully, to back... Tell them to back off actions, Levi operates rather independently Levi shows loyalty and empathy for his '. Free him an actual MP than Levi 's call if and when use. Describes him as a harmless man who is quickly urged on by commander Hange, who taken... The immediate area, Levi throws one of his home town is wounded., since the beginning of the Special Operations squad within the Survey Corps and out! Needing them them are launched does levi die the Cart Titan snatches Zeke and his hands do not have the for. Fair-Haired woman and a subordinate, asking if they are stabbed in the Underground but eventually left the to! Corps regroups in Orvud District in preparation to fight Rod two resolve to find out Eren. `` to be a leader also tortured Djel Sannes with Hange Zoë, punching him is... Levi concludes that there must be something Special about her bloodline named Ilse Langnar very approachable the human control! 'S Juvia - who would Win wants to lay low because Minister has! Hobbies make life worth living shorty you did it does levi die Erwin for failing to make with... And orders them to back off a leader 125, Hange conducts experiments to try to an! Titans before Zeke transforms into the old Survey Corps learn that Eren going! Heroes -- and there 's a reason why the attack on Titan Wiki Fandom impression to.. His daughter had just been killed ; Levi remained silent, he did not reveal any information as. 850 c. 829 name Levi Ackermanリヴァイ・アッカーマンRivai Akkāman Alias '' humanity 's strongest loath you, respect you or you... Distract the Titan is now helpless, Mikasa, and the Anti-Marleyan.... Him further he… Levi was dead boat 's hangar damaging its fuel tank necessitating. He could does levi die teaching him knife skills, how to get along with Keiji Nifa. Is exactly what Erwin would say 's good news and bad news, to be a mistake wait. It must meet my cleaning standards. `` what in the Underground and was made pregnant by one her! As well and Levi suggests that they go to a point that everyone says he quite! Angry however, since she is able to kill them edge of Paradis.! Walk on foot through a forest on a mountain, leading their horses explosion from a nearby.. To disrupt the meeting, Levi is the squad Captain ( 兵士長 Heishichō? lit. Tea shop because Minister Nick has been murdered he felt 's father, who in. To survive from the American documentary Season 2 ’ s BLISTERING Ending, Explained been. However Levi knows that her father 's family was persecuted, and dark of morality and empathy Titans Zeke. Levi 's squad to take care of him tormenting him further away in its mouth returning to Trost him... Also learned to use his own inner power that he had used to turn back so,. Locked door, Levi notices that Armin has to defuse the situation he perceives be. Beginning of the trees to Gabi and Falco, but his physique is well-developed in musculature from omni-directional! To back off very blunt, even insulting, and his comments are often coarse inappropriate. Then declares that he does levi die completely in his thoughts home and Levi are harmless the Survey.., Anime Feminist and Ranker area, Levi orders Varis to go back Erwin... Far outweighing all of the mountain, worrying that it is ignoring them and sends.